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Wedding invitation insert・Moon

Créé par Artiva Design

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At first glance, the illustrations of this wedding invitation collection could be mistaken for simple empty and full dots, but a keen eye will recognise the moon and its phases. Endlessly duplicated, the image represents the passing of time and the many happy years that will follow this wonderful day.
Sometimes dazzling and sometimes more discreet, the moon is always there. As is the spouses’ love: unveiled to the world on the day of the union, at times more implicit, but ever-present come what may.

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・The minimum order is 25 copies of a same personalised design.
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・As you order several custom made products of the same design, you benefit from a unit price calculated on the basis of the total quantity of this product. The final price will appear in the cart.
Dimension: 16.3 x 11.5 cm
Poids: 6 g


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