Our Samples

Excellence is at the heart of our day-to-day concerns. If you would like to check the high quality of our products for yourself before placing an order, we offer you two sample packs:


If you have not chosen your preferred option for a design, you can get a general overview of our products. A wedding or birth sample pack contains a selection of different designs, papers and envelopes, giving you the chance to touch and view the Paperit quality.


If you have already selected one or two designs that you like, we will send you a sample pack of products corresponding to your preferred wedding or birth design style. The samples will allow you to see the colours and check the print quality so you can choose your final version.


Why is it impossible to order samples with my personalised text? The cost of this option would be exorbitant as, producing personalised announcements/invitations requires machine set up and the costs linked to the set up would need to be absorbed by only one card.

Ordering samples corresponding to your selected design will ensure you can accurately assess print quality, colours and paper types. Only your personal texts will be different from those printed on the samples.


We are happy to offer full refunds once your final order has been placed. Therefore, the samples are not free only if you do not place a subsequent order.

Producing quality costs money (printing, paper, envelopes and shipping) and providing the samples for free would force us to increase our prices for all our clients.

The cost of these samples is far higher than the required (and refundable) €5. It is therefore a contribution and not the real production cost.