© ECAL Graphic Design exhibition / Image by Younès Klouche

The idea for Paperit came to me when my children were born. Like all future parents, we'd searched high and low for a birth announcement capable of conveying the joy, emotion and beauty of what we were going through. This was a very special time for us and so it was out of the question to send a meaningless card with a vague, impersonal design.

As someone with a passion for contemporary creation in all its forms (art, graphic design and photography), I was sure that only through a sensitive artistic vision could we express the indescribable emotions of such an experience to our loved ones. This conviction led to the birth of Paperit. To make our dream a reality, we got in touch with artists from all over the world, carefully selecting those whose quality of work and diversity of style impressed us. We asked them to pour their own feelings into creating unique announcements.

Paperit could in no way be described as an announcement supermarket; it is more like an art gallery, carefully selecting the artists it chooses to work with.

When I told an old friend of mine, Vincent, about my idea, he immediately jumped on board, and, together, we embarked on a project that would put each of our skillsets to good use.

We're absolutely delighted with the result, and we’re proud to offer you a wide spectrum of inspiring artworks heralding the union of two people, or the birth of a whole new being.

Those who helped us make our dream a reality: