User guide

This page is intended to help you make your first order and to introduce you to our editor. We describe different features of our site such as the product page, the editor and preview screen as well as the shopping cart
A video tutorial is being prepared and will be available shortly.


1. With or without envelope

The invitation, the announcement , the thank you card and the "save the date" are sent alone or together with other card(s) (invitation insert or RSVP cards for example). They can be ordered with or without envelope. Choose the appropriate option on the product page before personalising your product. The price will automatically adapt according to the option chosen.

Tip: We recommend that you order our products with the envelopes we have selected (and in some cases tailor-made). They have been specially designed to match your invitations or cards perfectly. In addition, the poster size invitations/announcements once folded in eight, do not correspond to any standard envelope format.

2. Quantity / Price

To ensure high print quality we use a digital press. The press needs to be configured before each new print job. This set-up cost is spread over the total number of printed copies and therefore generates decreasing unit prices.

The price quoted directly next to the quantity is a unit price which takes into account the selected quantity and the selected envelope option.
The price line just below shows the unit prices for different quantities.


The editor is divided into 4 different sections :

1. The navigation section

The navigation area contains useful commands to navigate through the design of your invitations, announcements and their variations.


There are three essential steps to making and buying your invitations and variations:

- Step 1 : Edit the personalisation :
After selecting an invitation or any other cards, customize it by replacing the original texts with your own. You can also add/delete text blocks, enlarge them, change the font size,...
You can return at any time and edit your poster/card by clicking on "edit".

- Step 2 : Preview the personalisation :
After customizing your product, you can preview it to get a better idea of the result. You can also download images of each side of your product and view it outside the Paperit website (see preview screen). You can go to the preview screen at any time by clicking on "Preview".
Colorimetric standards and screen quality have a great influence on colour rendering. There will therefore be a difference between the printed version of our products and its on-screen version. Our products have been designed to be printed, it is with the impression that the visual quality is optimal.

- Step 3 : Add to cart :
After checking your customization from the preview screen, you can add it to your cart. Please note that we do not proofread your texts. Your files are immediately sent to production in order to be dispatched as quickly as possible.


The «page 1» and «page 2» buttons allow you to access both sides of the document when it has been designed on both sides.


Lets you undo the last action(s) performed in the order in which they were performed.
Lets you repeat actions you have undone.
Lets you leave the editor.

2. The control section

Lets you leave the editor.
Lets you login to your account or create a new account from the editor screen. The account creation is necessary to be able to save projects.
Tip: it is more convenient to log in or register outside the editor. The option to do so from the editor is a backup option.
Lets you control what changes you can make to text blocks
Enables or disables moving of text blocks (by default moves are allowed)
Enables or disables resizing of text blocks (by default resizings are allowed)
Magnets and guides appear to allow blocks to be aligned with each other (by default, guides and magnets are enabled)
Allows you to reset your customization and restart it without having to leave the editor.
«Save Project» allows you to save a project that will be stored in your account. You can then return to it later by clicking on «load project».
Allows you to zoom in on your layout in order to modify it more easily or on the contrary to zoom out for a better overview.

3. The personalisation section

The personalisation section is the section inside which you can personalise your designs.

4. The edition block

The editing block lets you edit and format the content of the text block. We will review the different commands below, generally it should be noted that
- any change in text format is applicable to the entire block. It is, for example, not possible to change the color or size of a part of the text only;
- the possibilities for change are limited by the choices of the graphic designers who designed the artwork.

Lets you change the font used (within the limits set by the graphic designer - some visuals do not allow any changes)
Lets you change the font size.
Lets you change the color of the characters (within the limits set by the graphic designer - some visuals do not allow any change).
Lets you delete a block
Lets you copy an existing text block.
This is how you can create a new one: use a text block similar to the one you want to create, copy it and place it where you want. You can resize it if necessary.
Lets you underline text.
Lets you manage the horizontal alignment of your text within the block.
Lets you manage the vertical alignment of your text within the block.
Allows you to zoom in or out a particular block.


The preview screen is similar to the editor. It is accessible by clicking on the "preview" button. Most buttons are disabled. It is therefore not possible to modify the visual without returning to the editor.
However, the following functions are available:

This button is only accessible from the personalisation screen and allows you to add your personalised visual to your cart.
Allows you to view the front and back of your product.
Lets you leave the preview screen and return to the product page or your account page.
Lets you download your visual. It will be downloaded in".jpg" format. For double-sided visuals, two downloads will be required, one for each side of the product.
Allows you to zoom in or out your layout.


There are 4 features to mention :

1. one product with multiple personalisation text :
If you choose to edit different texts for the same product, we will make you benefit (at the level of the basket) from the price in force for the total quantity ordered for that product. In the example below, we applied to the 2 orders an attractive unit price normally linked to an order of 200 copies.

2. Envelope indicator :
You can check whether envelopes have been included in your order by using the with/without envelope indicator located in the «print selection» area.
It is currently not possible to modify the envelope selection from the shopping cart. We apologise for the inconvenience and we are working to remedy it. If you want to change this selection: - go back to the product page - select the appropriate envelope option - click on «personalize» - click on open project if you have previously saved it - add to cart

Notes :
- if you have not saved your project, it is necessary to start the customization again - don't forget to delete the erroneous item in your shopping cart

3. Modification of your personalisation:
If you want to make changes to your customisation, click «Edit design». You will be sent back to the editor where you can continue to customise your announcement or its variation.

4. Access to the product page :
By clicking on the title of your product in your cart, you return to the product page. This will allow you to start another customisation of the same product or easily access the variations of the graphical universe of your choice in the related products section.