A truly meaningful
invitation / announcement

Explore the stories told by each of our creations

© ECAL Graphic Design exhibition / Image by Younès Klouche

With our unique approach, each design carries real meaning !

To create invitations that reflect your emotions, world-renowned graphic designers and illustrators have drawn on their own sensibilities to visually translate what a marriage or birth represents for them.
You’ll find a suggested interpretation next to each design (in the product description or the pages presenting the different graphic styles).

A marriage and a birth are among the most important moments in your life, and it is important to be able to tell your family and friends about them thoughtfully and meaningfully.
Paperit is not interested in offering standardised solutions; instead, we bring a touch of soulfulness and exclusivity to wedding and birth announcements offered in a variety of versions.
Examples :


In his birth announcement, Stories for life, Llew Mejia focuses on bedtime, a special moment for young children, often marked by the story time ritual. These weird and wonderful tales will accumulate over the years in the child’s imagination.
By filling the design with them, Llew is expressing the time and attention dedicated to children during the first years of their lives. The notions of awakening, opening up to the world and learning are the other symbols contained in these stories.


Guides, the birth announcement designed by Nicolas Bebronne, represents the parental pair with two primary colours (cyan and magenta) that meet and mingle in a balanced and harmonized encounter which produces a third shade.
Nicolas uses these simple and innocent shapes to express the idea of guiding and supporting the young child until reaching maturity: one day the little triangle will grow up and fly the nest.


In Ataraxia, Timo Kuilder symbolises marriage by conjuring up feelings of trust and serenity. The bodies floating gently in the water, in the midst of an idyllic plant-filled landscape with its muted, restful colours convey this magical moment of harmony and absolute faith in the future. The invitation’s design and symbolic universe make it the very personification of tranquillity.


The Double Ring pared-back wedding invitation designed by Dirk Laucke focuses our full attention on the interlinked rings which meet and merge, forming a perfect design symbolising the exchange of wedding rings and the promise of eternal love.
This contemporary and timeless image is a clear and powerful statement of the reality of the forthcoming union.