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Birth announcement・Eurythmia (poster)

Designed by Evgenia Barinova

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This birth announcement comes in several formats. You can find the card format under the reference Birth announcement・Eurythmia (card)


The artist’s design centres on the choice of an object that clearly evokes the early years of childhood. Inspired by the mobile hanging over a baby’s bed, Evgenia Barinova illustrates the symbols that soothe newborns at night time and leave a lasting impression on their subconscious.
Different aspects of a growing baby’s life hover over the newborn: the safety provided by parents and a welcoming home; discovery of an outside world with the rain, clouds, moon and sun; the freedom and space embodied by a bird in flight; the inexorable passing of time like the grains of sand in an hourglass, and, last but not least, love as a central and crucial element.
The magic of suspension means that the components balance and complement each other with just a hint of the abstract, opening up an endless path for exploration.

Useful Information

・This eight fold announcement is a 47.4 x 33.5 cm poster designed to allow you to communicate with your friends and family in a large format. It is delivered folded and ready to be put in an envelope.
・The minimum order is 25 copies of a same personalised design.
・Volume discount apply.
・As you order several custom made products of the same design, you benefit from a unit price calculated on the basis of the total quantity of this product. The final price will appear in the cart.
Dimension: 47.4 x 33.5 cm
Dimension (folded): 16.75 x 11.85 cm
Weight: 0 g
Envelope type:Surface Pure Premium White 115g/m2 - 17.8 x 13.0 cm
The poster is a unique product that we have developed in partnership with graphic designers. Folded in eight, it unfolds to create the recipient's surprise. The accompanying envelope has been tailor-made to guarantee a perfect presentation. 


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