Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz/Poland, has a spot for old fashioned cartoons and modern block printing styles. In the 90’ he studied Graphic Arts and discovered rapidly a passion for woodcut printing that has persisted to this day. A somewhat painstaking process goes into creating the prints. The necessary shapes are chipped from the woodblocks, inked and then printed before the process starts all over again to add the other layers of color.
Due to Kloneks requirement of permanent output, he has created a cast of adorably cheeky and troublesome characters – from cats in hats and Bauhaus-style square ducks to potato-nosed humanoids – who frolic in and out of bizarre situations. He has achieved an ideal balance between silly, cute and relevant; engaging in a fashionable theme and drawing the viewer into his unique imagination.
Roman Klonek works together with friends in a studio in Düsseldorf, German