Nearest Neighbour

Nearest Neighbour is a design studio for visual communication, founded in 2014 by Guus Verschuur & Mark van den Heuvel. The studio originated through mutual affection for typography, creative concepts and tactility in arts and crafts. We are a creative duo.
In our design practice, we focus on a wide range of clients and media, in the public, private and cultural sector. Both large and small. No project is too abstract or off-the-wall; we like to dwelve deep into our own minds to create original works. We approach a new project by taking it apart to its bare essentials. Only to build it in a new way. This is often distinguished by a conceptual and typographic streak; clear, bold and straightforward.
Working on this birthday announcement for Paperit, we were immediately drawn to the shape and form of the Honeycomb Pompom that caught our attention at a party. We quickly came up with the idea to translate its interesting 3-dimensional character to an abstract visual. We had a lot of fun making the image since it was a very interesting process figuring out how the shading worked and translate those characteristics to print.