My Name is Wendy

The My Name is Wendy studio was born from the collaboration between two graphic designers and artistic directors. Since 2006, the studio has been creating graphic identities, editorial projects, typefaces, illustrated content and artistic concepts. We work in the arts, fashion and music sectors as well as for companies.
The combination of our two backgrounds (in graphic design and visual arts) has allowed us to develop contemporary design that we like to describe as constructed, rigorous, inventive and expressive. Our visual solutions always aim to respect the vibrancy and singularity of a site, event, product or personality.
We do not work for but with the people who entrust us with a project. This partnership, based on trust, discussions, contact and skills-sharing, guarantees an accomplished and meticulously-designed project. In parallel to its commissions, the studio regularly produces its own creations that feature in exhibitions. We are particularly interested in unusual projects and new concepts, in both the arts sector and business world.
Offering a range of announcements that combine quality print and contemporary design is a particularly innovative and audacious project for us, meeting a demand that has long remained unanswered.