Artiva Design

Located in Genova, Italy, Artiva is a creative studio founded in 2003 by the inspiration of Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi.
Primarily concerned with visual arts, graphics, illustration and multimedia, the studio experiments with non-conventional types of printing and production processes.
Artiva's work often indulges in a colour palette based on black and white and in the use of a rigurous grid modular system. Graphic elements very small close to others a lot bigger; empty spaces against full, dense areas. All combinations that create dynamic, powerful compositions.
Consequently, their designs depict a bold style that commands attention without seeming contrived or over-worked. Their works have been presented in many exhibitions and featured in a large number of publications around the world.
“When we were asked to create an announcement for births and weddings, we approached a topic which is rather unusual for us. Thanks for this collaboration Paperit team! We do hope we've designed something different and unique as well as it's been fresh for us."