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Are you looking for a unique wedding invitation or birth announcement on the cutting edge of contemporary design without spending a fortune? You've come to the right place ! Welcome to Paperit

We have selected artists for the quality and the precision of their work. Many of them have worked for major brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Google and Starbucks and have contributed to the evolution of the brand image of these brands through contemporary graphics.

They have created a selection of unique graphic designs, radically different from the traditional birth announcements or wedding invitations, to capture the joy, emotions and beauty of your event.

Paperit is in no way a supermarket of announcements; we are more like an art gallery that delicately selects the artists we collaborate with. Our unique approach allows us to offer you ground-breaking pieces that portray real meaning so they can become the messengers of your emotions.

Byzance Byzance
Dirk Laucke Dirk Laucke
Studio Binger Laucke Siebein, Netherlands
Genis Carreras Genis Carreras
Studio Carreras, Spain
Inès Cox Inès Cox
Johanna Siebein Johanna Siebein
Studio Binger Laucke Siebein, Germany
Lio Ito Lio Ito
Lio Ito Studio, Japan
Llew Mejia Llew Mejia
United States / Mexico
Nick Liefhebber Nick Liefhebber
Nicolas Bebronne Nicolas Bebronne
NN Studio, Belgium
Roman Klonek Roman Klonek
Poland - Germany
Timo Kuilder Timo Kuilder
Vasty Vasty
Spain / Argentina